вставьте have/has + один из следующихвставьте have/has + один из следующих  глаголов в третьей форме  в пропущенные в предложения места  Break,buy,Finish,do,go,go,lose,paint,read,take

1.»Are they still having dinner?» «No,they have finished»
2.»I …some new shoes.Do you want tj see them?
3.»Is Tom here?»»No,he …to work»
4″…. you … the shopping» «No,I’m going to do it later»
5.»Where’s your key?»»I don’t know.I …it»
6.Look!Somedody …that window.
7.Your house looks different ….you …it?
8.I can’t find my umbrella.Somebody …it?
9.I’m looking for Sarah.Where …she …
10.»Do you want the newspaper?»»No,thanks.I …it.»

помогите пожалуйста!!!!Заранее спасибо!!!

    8.Has somebody taken it?

    7.have you painted it?

  • 2.»I have bought some new shoes.

    3.»Is Tom here?»»No,he has gone to work»

    5. I have lost it»
    4 Have you done the shopping
    No,thanks.I have read.it.»

  • 9.Where has she gone?

    6.Look!Somedody has broken that window.